Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why Ron Darling Really Hates The Dodgers

Yes, I hate the Dodgers!
TBS Commentator Has A Vested Interest
I just couldn’t stand it anymore; I had to know WHY Ron Darling has it out for the Dodgers. Sure he is a former Met, and like with so many former player announcers, old ties make for an obvious and annoying bias. But there is more. Long-time Dodger fans remember Game 7 of the NLCS against the Mets in 1988: Orel Hershiser pitched a dominant shutout to vault the Dodgers to the World Series. But most probably don’t recall the Mets pitcher who blew the game. Y ep, it was our boy , Ronnie! He gave up 6 runs and didn’t even make it through the 2nd inning. The 27-year hunt for redemption that Darling brings to the booth is both pathetic (you are retired!) and unprofessional. Give the Dodgers their props for rallying hard to bring these two teams to another winner- takes-all game. Or don’t, and give me a reason to swear at you during the game. It’s fun.

How The Dodgers Will Take Game 5.

Three words: Home. Field. Advantage. This and Dodger Cy Young Award candidate, Zack Greinke, are why the Dodgers will take Game 5 against the Mets and advance to the NLCS. As good as Clayton Kershaw throws and competes, one could argue that Greinke is the pitcher the Dodgers want on the mound for the winner-takes-all game. And Greinke’s miniscule ERA and 19 wins this season are just part of the reason. I don’t think there is a pitcher in MLB right now that is calmer or smarter than Greinke. Nothing bothers him, not a home run hit off of him, not an error by a teammate behind him, not a raucous stadium. Nothing. The guy is just cool. His baseball I.Q. is also off the charts. His game preparation is insane—besides watching film he also keeps his own notes on every at-bat every player has ever had against him! He uses this information and player tendencies to really, and I mean really, mess with a hitter’s mind. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, and with a bit of timely hitting, the Dodgers will win it.
I'm a total jerk, no two ways about it

Mets’ Daniel Murphy Annoys Me and Other Random NLDS Thoughts

  • Mets fans probably think 2B Daniel Murphy’s constant chatter with the ump is cute. I don’t. Neither does Dodger catcher A.J. Ellis. 
  • Please, Mattingly, don’t play Carl Crawford in Game 5 just because of the old lefty vs righty deal. He is D-O-N-E. 
  • Bartolo Colon’s belly makes me laugh. Did he really get suspended for PEDs a few years ago? 
  • I hate the Tigers for trading Yoenis Cespedes to the Mets. He scares me. 
  • The Dodgers really owe the Cubs for vanquishing the Cardinals. Mattingly and Co. really did not want to go down that road again. 
  • If the Dodgers make it to the NLCS, St. Louis manager Mike Matheny won’t be around to order a broken rib to the Dodgers’ best player like he did in 2013. That guy plays dirty. Good riddance. 

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